Gently Bitten

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"The first step is admitting you have a problem."


Jack gave the long-haired brunette a narrow-eyed look.  "I'm not like an alcoholic or something.  I was asking if you'd *done* something, left a suggestion in when you hypnotized me or... something."

Jenny put on an innocent look, which neither her roommate nor Jack seemed to be buying.  "Well.  What kind of suggestion?"

Jack looked down.  "To make me... say something.  Or keep me from doing something."

"Like saying you were under her power or something?" put in Jenny's roommate Liza.

Jack looked uncomfortable.  "Yeah, like that."

"What weren't you able to do?" Liza probed, grinning.  "Now I really wanna know!"

There was a pause, while Jack blushed a little.  "Liza, you remember I took out all the suggestions I gave up on stage."

"Yeah," Liza admitted.  "Though making him say he was under your power is totally something you would do."  She stuck her tongue out at Jenny.

Jenny just smiled, holding Liza's eyes.  "Liza, sleep," she said, snapping her fingers.  Liza slumped over on her bed.  Jack blinked.

"Good girl, Liza," said Jenny, cradling her roommate's limp body and lowering it into a more comfortable position.  "Deeper and deeper with every breath, hearing nothing but my voice.  That's it.  Do you remember the lake, with the numbers?"

"Yes..." came Liza's voice, very soft and faint.

"You're starting at 1000 now, Liza, and it will feel so good to go deeper.  You won't pay attention to anything else until you feel my hand on your shoulder, okay Liza?"

"Ok..." her voice wisped out again.

"Now," said Jenny, turning to an openmouthed Jack, "where were we?  Oh, right, you said you found yourself talking about being under my power.  Well, that's normal."

"Huh?" Jack stammered out.

"Well, you *were*, right?"

"No, I mean..." Jack looked from Liza, slumped on the bed, back to Jenny.  "I mean *since* the show.  I... was saying that... later.  And I thought you must have made me say it."

"What exactly did you find yourself saying, Jack?"

Jack looked like he was trying to look down again, but his gaze seemed locked on Jenny's eyes.  He turned bright red instead.  Jenny smiled, raising her eyebrows.  Jack paused some more.  "I..."

"Go on.  The words will just come tumbling out once you start."

"J-- M--- My cock is under Jenny's control right now.  I can't come without her permission."

"Good boy."

Jack gasped, then glared at her a little.  "Then you did do it."

"Is it true?  That you can't come without my permission?  Have you been trying a lot?"


She smirked.  "Does it make it hotter, thinking about your cock being in my... control?"

Jack's breath caught as she said this, and then, watching his reaction, so did Jenny's.  They both stared at each other for a moment.  Jenny slowly wet her lips with her tongue.

"You know that suggestion was only for 24 hours, right?  The show was yesterday evening, and I gave you the suggestion at the end, so you'll be off the hook in just a couple more hours."

"No, I *didn't* know that," glared Jack.

There was a pause.  "So you can just wait it out," said Jenny.

Another pause.  They continued to look at each other.

"Or, I could give you permission," she said softly.

Jack drew in another quick breath.

"Show me," said Jenny.

"Um, what?" said Jack, turning red again.

"I'm going to give you permission to come, but only if you show me."

"Show you...?"

"Jack," her lips twisted into a smirk, "off for me.  Slide your pants down and touch yourself, in front of me."


"Or, you can wait a couple of hours, and do it wherever you want."

Jack still hadn't taken his eyes off Jenny's.  After another pause, he reached down and slowly unbuckled his belt, then unzipped his fly.  Jenny nodded, and he continued.

The bulge in his underwear had popped out as soon as he started unzipping his fly; now Jack slid his pants down a little, and slid his underwear loose from his erect cock.  He'd looked down to navigate his clothing, and Jenny stared openly at the penis he uncovered for her.  He wrapped his fingers around the shaft.

"Look at me," Jenny said.  His eyes locked onto hers, and he gasped again, as he started stroking.

Very soon he felt ready to come, and then all the muscles around the base of his cock clenched tightly.  Helplessly, he told Jenny "my cock is under Jenny's control right now.  I can't come without her permission.  Nnnnggg!"

She smiled a small smile, still looking intently into his eyes, and nodded.  "Good.  Keep going."

A little desperately, he resumed stroking, even faster.  Very soon he was at the point of coming again.  Once again the muscles around the base of his shaft clenched.  "My cock is under Jenny's control right now.  I can't come without her permission," he explained, wild-eyed.

"That's right," Jenny said, leaning forward.  "Now one more time, Jack, and you have my permission to come, now."  She leaned back a bit for a better view.

With a gasp, Jack started up again, slowly at first.  Then he looked into Jenny's eyes again and said "my cock is under Jenny's control right now.  I can only come because of her permission," and gasped, and started stroking rapidly again, repeating the words over and over.

Jenny's eyes widened, and she grinned, as she watched Jack stroke himself faster and faster until he finally came, getting his shirt and her sheets thoroughly sticky and wet.

"I didn't actually tell you to say that, but I like the addition," she said, leaning over Jack's exhausted, panting body.

"Oh," said Jack weakly.

Jenny leaned in further, her lips inches from his.

"And sleep," she said, touching his forehead.  He slept.