Gently Bitten

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The real world has a lot of scaffolding that fantasies don't require.

Real relationships build up trust over time, as you learn how your partner works, how they think and play, what they can be relied upon to do or respect.


But a fantasy can be trusted instantly, completely. A fantasy is by definition trustworthy, because it does exactly what you secretly want. In a fantasy you can go home with a lover on a first date and let them tie you up and put a knife to your throat. Or they can do it without your permission; it's still okay, because they are a part of your fantasy. You can give yourself wholly to the experience because by definition you trust your fantasy lover completely to do only what a part of you already wants. Craves. Needs. The fact that you're having the fantasy means that some part of you wants what is happening, and you can trust that absolutely.

The problem only comes in when your fantasy starts intruding on the real world. When the needs in your head drive you to do things in the world that might have lasting effects. When it is no longer enough just to imagine the things that make you hot, while you caress and rub and stroke and pinch and touch yourself; you have to start acting out part of the scenarios that are in your mind. Bondage fantasies that lead you to actually tie yourself up, with no-one around to release you; pain fantasies that lead you to injure yourself, or submission fantasies that make you actually want to submit to an actual person you know.

"Isn't that right?"


"Now I don't know how it is that you came to make this mark on your body which you have shown me. I don't know how you did it, or what was in your mind at the time that made you know that you need to have that design on your flesh. But it doesn't surprise me at all that the mark you made in the grip of your erotic fantasy was the same design that you drew for me last week. That stylized rose symbol is clearly very important to you, perhaps to some subconscious part of you. It must play a major part in your fantasies, things marked with that mark."

"Of course now your fantasies have started to cross over into reality, which can be dangerous. Now that you have completely accepted its power over you, in your fantasies, if you were to actually see this mark in the real world, or come to associate it with an actual person, you might feel very vulnerable in that instance, or to that person. Because it is so safe to surrender completely in your fantasies, you might feel, subconsciously, as if you had already surrendered, completely safely, even if you consciously knew that none of the normal cautions the real world wants had been adhered to. So it's fortunate that this mark is the construction of your subconscious desires, something made up out of your mind, and safe to submit to. I just want you to be aware of your deep vulnerability, and be careful, all right?"

"Yes... all right."

"Now I'm going to count from 1 to 5, and you will be wide awake on five as always, and as always remembering what you need to remember and letting your subconscious mind hold on to the rest, letting the changes you are undergoing come to the surface at their own pace. Ready now, one, starting to stir, two, three, more alert now, four, almost there, and five, wide awake!"

The man opened his eyes, and lifted his head from the couch. "Thank you doctor! I really feel better about things. Same time next week?"

She was sitting on the edge of her desk, and as he stood up she did too, her skirt falling down over a momentary flash of thigh and a glimpse of something that seemed important to him, but so brief a glimpse it took until he had left the psychiatrist's office and walked out of the building to his car before he realized what he'd seen. On the inside of her thigh, a tattoo of a stylized rose.