Gently Bitten

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Subliminal Messages

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Subliminal Messages (mc, mf, fd, bdsm, nc?)

Copyright © 2000 by Chew Toy ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

WARNING: The usual disclaimers and warnings apply. The characters in this story have sex; if that offends you or for some reason you are Not Allowed to read about such things, stop now. The events in this story might not be moral or even possible; the point is to give you a hot fantasy, not a blueprint for life.

* * *

My co-worker plays some very strange practical jokes.

Her name's Lisa, and she works in desktop support-- keeping the machines happy that the rest of us use to do our jobs. It's amazing how you can know a lot about one aspect of computers and almost nothing about others: even though I program for a living, I don't know much about the operating system we use in our desktops, and the stuff Lisa does is all faintly mysterious to me.

Add to that that she's always fiddling with the software on our machines, tweaking and rebooting them, and the result is she has almost unlimited free reign to play practical jokes. It's kind of a wonder she hasn't gotten herself fired for it yet; but I guess apart from some wild April Fools Day pranks she mostly confines her attentions to a few choice victims.

Lucky me.

Lisa is a small, kind of intense dark-haired woman who always dresses faintly goth-- black clothing to set off her hair and her eyes-- and I've always thought she was pretty cute, but I never had the chance to do more than make brief small-talk with her until the day she caught me sleeping at my desk.

It was early in the morning after a late night, and I hadn't yet gotten up the energy to turn the coffee machine on. I could barely keep my eyes open, and while I waited for the computer to boot up I put my head down on the desk for a moment-- right as Lisa walked by.

"Ah, I see the subliminal mind-control rays are working already," she said, her voice waking me up with a start.

"Here I thought it was just caffeine withdrawal," I mumbled groggily.

"Ooh, caffeine. Is the coffee machine on yet? Why don't you go start it up; it'll wake you. Go on, shoo! Up you get!"

I stumbled off to make coffee, and thought no more about the incident.

The next morning, though, after I'd turned on my computer and gone off for my caffeine fix, I came back to find a big pulsing spiral spinning in the middle of my screen, with the word "SLEEP" fading slowly in and out at the center.

As I stood there staring at this odd apparition, Lisa came up behind me.

"Yes, it is working perfectly. Now you are in my power," she intoned dramatically.

I cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Now you will fetch me a cup of coffee."

"Yes, Mistress," I said tonelessly, with a grin, and lurched like a B-movie zombie over to the coffee pot.

When I brought the cup to her desk a few minutes later she hastily closed a window she'd been looking at, then turned to me with another dramatic look that couldn't quite hide her grin. "You will return to your desk now, and forget this happened."

"Yes, Mistress," I intoned, and lurched off, hearing her giggle behind me.

* * *

That was it for a while, though I couldn't get her to uninstall the goofy spiral screen saver, so I tended to stay pretty busy at my desk lest the computer fall idle for too long. I also took to bringing Lisa coffee, and teasing her about her plans for world domination through subliminal mind control.

"Oh, I don't need world domination quite yet-- perhaps just a few choice slaves," she'd say, looking me up and down.

"Yes, Mistress," I'd say in a monotone, and do the zombie lurch back to my desk, with her giggling in the background.

It was around this time that we started to have a real problem with viruses in the office, which had Lisa running around all day fixing everybody's machines. My computer was especially hard-hit-- too many friends sending me dirty jokes as attachments, I guess-- and sometimes it would crash four or five times a day. Lisa would come into my cubicle, look at the screen, and say, "Curses, foiled again. Fetch me coffee, my loyal minion."

"Yes, Mistress," I would reply, and lurch off to the coffee pot while she got to work. Sometimes she would send me down the street for bagels, but having nothing better to do while my computer was down I'd happily go fetch them for her.

After a couple days of this it occurred to me that the whole arrangement was actually sort of sexy. Lisa had dropped hints that her bedroom tastes ran to the kinky, but I really wouldn't mind doing kinky things if I got to do them with her... and calling her "Mistress" and letting her order me around was a bit of a turn-on already, I had to admit. I guess I was already flirting with her, it just took a while for me to notice. My conscious mind can be pretty slow on the uptake.

After that, though, it seemed like there was an intense sexual charge to every interaction with her. The next time I called her "Mistress" I found myself suddenly, immensely turned on. I must have gasped or something, because she gave me a sharp look, and held my eyes with hers. It was embarassing, but I couldn't look away; I felt like I was falling into her eyes. Mortifying; she must know what I was thinking; but they were so beautiful, so irresistable. So commanding.

She gave a secretive little smile. Almost triumphant. "Go on," she said. "Get back to work."

I started, and turned to lurch away.

"I'll have more tasks for you later."

My heart jumped.

* * *

The rest of that week, I was increasingly distracted. I couldn't bring myself to mention it to Lisa, I was increasingly tongue-tied whenever she was around, falling back on the obedient-zombie-slave routine-- and she seemed to really enjoy ordering me around, sending me on more and more arbitrary errands which I was finding it disturbingly sexy to run for her.

But all of this had me less than attentive at my desk. I'd sit down to work, and then realize I'd zoned out for the past 15 minutes reminiscing about earlier in the morning when Lisa had just paused briefly by my cubicle before anyone else was in the office, to say "Slave, coffee. Now." And my breathless "Yes, Mistress!" had popped out before I even thought about it, before I entirely realized what she'd said. I'd felt as if my face was burning up as I brought her the cup and tried to pretend it didn't *feel* like an intensely erotic act of submission-- surely I was blushing like mad-- she had to know; she *had* to know! And I'd pretended to do the zombie routine, but I felt so sheepish about it, I was sure that the set of my shoulders or an embarassed glance down would give me away... And she'd caught my gaze as she took the cup, and held it, for a long moment-- my ears must have been red as tomatoes, I hadn't thought it possible to feel so naked-- though her eyes were strangely comforting to look into, too, so deep, and so compelling... How long had I been looking into her eyes? I had forgotten how to look away, forgotten how to do anything at all... And she'd smiled and said "Good boy. Back to your desk now," and something else, and then...

And then I'd realize that I'd been zoning for 15 minutes, staring blankly into the spiral screen-saver blinking "SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP" and even that seemed sexy-- the thought of Lisa inserting subliminal messages into my mind, molding my thoughts to want to obey her, to want to... submit to her. For a moment, it seemed like it had said something else besides "SLEEP," but I wasn't sure what.

* * *

After that, it was almost anticlimactic to find the mind- control program.

I was trying to free up some space in my file tree-- I could do *some* housekeeping myself, not everything was worth bothering Lisa for-- when the system wouldn't let me delete a nondescript-looking file because it said it was in use by the screen saver. Curious what sort of file the very simple screen saver could need, I opened it up.

#  Subliminal Messages



DATA = (

I like to obey Lisa.

Whoa! She really *did* have a subliminal mind-control program running?

DATA = (

I like to obey Lisa.

It is sexy to obey.

I like to serve Lisa.

And she put this on *my* computer??

I like to obey Lisa.

It is sexy to obey.

I like to serve Lisa.

It is sexy to submit.

Lisa's voice makes me hot.

... Actually, I had to admit, most of these things were true. And it was pretty sexy to read them. Like just reading them was making the subliminal commands-- how long had the computer been implanting these suggestions in my head?-- stronger somehow, forcing me to realize and admit that each statement was true. To realize, consciously, that my subconscious mind had already been programmed to *agree* with these things.

Was still being programmed, even as I read them...

It is sexy to submit.

Lisa's voice makes me hot.

It is sexy to say "Yes, Mistress."

Lisa is my Mistress.

I need to serve.

I cannot look away from Lisa's eyes.

I like to feel helpless.

I cannot think when I look in Lisa's eyes.

I like to feel obedient.

I obey Lisa's voice.

I need to be commanded.

I cannot think when Lisa commands me.

Sexy thoughts make me want to obey.

Lisa's body is so hot.

Being controlled turns me on.

I want Lisa to control me.

I need to be used.

I obey Lisa.

I want to be Lisa's slave.



# Go to Lisa. Now.

Oh, shit. I was walking out of the cubicle. I couldn't stop myself-- I could barely think. But I knew I was going to find Lisa. And once I found her, I would do... anything she told me. Shit. This was scary.

But *so* sexy! Knowing that she had done this to me... and made me *want* it... I was opening her door. She was sitting at her desk; she turned to face me as I came in.

That secretive smile started again, as she saw my face. What must my expression look like? I felt so... blank. Looking into her eyes...

She smiled even more, as the silence stretched out, and I couldn't bring a single thing to mind to say. Her eyes were so irresistably compelling...

"Yes?" she asked, grinning openly.

"Yes..." I repeated, not quite sure why, unable to think anything else. Her eyes were so deep...

"What brought you into my office, Mark?"

Now I could answer. "I found a file... of subliminal messages..."

She arched an eyebrow, and I lost the thought. Such a commanding expression...

More time passed, the silence stretched on. And her smile grew into a look of complete triumph.

"Kneel." she said.

"Yes, Mistress," was out of my lips even as I dropped, immediately, to my knees. Still lost in her eyes... and then she was looking away, walking around me, and I could start to think again, and-- oh, God! I was on my knees in Lisa's office, waiting for her orders! I was pretty sure no-one else was still in the office so late, but what if I were wrong, and someone walked in? What if a janitor came in? I was terrified, but it had me rock-hard, knowing how completely at her mercy I was. I couldn't even think about getting up; I knew I would be unable to disobey her. At all. Wow.

"So you found my subliminal mind-control program after all, eh my pretty?" Lisa said from behind me. I heard a click as she closed and locked the office door. "And now you know why you've wanted so *badly* to obey me lately?"

"Yes, Mistress!" I said. Damn, it felt sexy to say that. Even more so now that I knew she *knew*. That I needed to say that to her. Shit, she knew all along.

"And it turns you on *so* much to realize what I've done to you, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Yes, I made sure of that. You don't have any resentment or regret, because you *need* to be used, don't you?"

Ohgodyes. "YES, Mistress!"

"Good. Hold still." I heard a sliding noise, and then felt her grab the collar of my shirt, and stick something cold down next to my neck... RRIP! My shirt and tie fell off, cut open at the back.

The office air-conditioning felt chilly on my naked chest. And my body was revealed to her. Completely open to her inspection. I wished I worked out more.

"Stay exactly in that position, and don't move a muscle until I tell you to," she continued, stroking the knife down my arm.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied. Was she going to cut me? I realized I would let her. I wondered what would happen if it really hurt, though. How strong was her control? I really didn't want it to be broken. It was so sexy to be controlled. I *needed* to be controlled.

She slid the knife inside my pants, and with a short, controlled motion cut through my belt. Then she slid it a bit further, and cut a long slit all the way down the side of my right leg. She pulled my belt out and tossed it in the trash, then moved to my left side and cut down that leg as well.

Kneeling behind me, pressing her breasts against my back and breathing in my ear, she gently reached underneath my crotch and felt my balls through the fabric of what was left of my pants. OHHhhh, yes.

"Now," she breathed, "just lift yourself up a little... that's it." And using the hand underneath me, she gently pulled my slacks and-- I suddenly realized-- also my underwear, away completely. She tossed them in a corner somewhere.

Now I was just wearing shoes, shirt, and wristwatch.

"Mmmm," she said, reaching around to touch my still very hard, despite the air-conditioning, cock. "All for me. You'll do nicely, I think."

Inhaling sharply as she touched me, I managed to gasp out a faint "Yes, Mistress."

She giggled. "Oh my yes. Now... I want to warn you, you will never have any conscious memory of how I'm going to get you out of the office tonight. You're in a downtown office building with no clothes, and I know you take the train to work so no car either. You are completely helpless, and I want you to always remember this feeling, knowing only that you trusted me and obeyed me and I took care of you. You don't need to know the details, and you will not be able to remember the details. Just the feeling that it's right to trust me. It is always right to trust me, Mark, and always right to obey me. You feel that, don't you, Mark?"

"Yes, Mistress!" I felt myself swell even more in her hand.

"Ooh, yes you do." She squeezed gently, and I gasped. "Now. Let's see..." she peered out the window in her office door, then pulled the shade down over it. "Let's see what use we can put you to before we leave. Hmm..." She looked around the office, then moved a pile of papers off her desk onto a chair and shoved the keyboard of her computer over a bit. She sat on the edge of the desk. "You know, I have always wanted someone to eat me out on this desk, here. See, there's this nice foot rest, here..." she set one foot on an another desk that met hers in a corner "and I can put my other foot here..." she set her other leg up along the length of her desk "and you can kneel, HERE."

At her gesture, I scrambled to kneel where she directed, my head just above her crotch. She put a hand under my chin, and gently tilted my head up to look her in the eyes. So deep...

"Have you ever licked a woman's pussy, Mark?"

"Yes..." I heard myself saying.

"Oh, I *know* I'm going to like using you. And you..." her eyes grew even larger. I was lost... "You will *love* going down on me. It's such an intimate and intense act of submission... you will love serving me this way, Mark. And the smell of my pussy will stay with you... forever. Haunting you... Marking you. The taste of me will always remind you how badly you need to serve."

Her short black skirt still covered her a bit, so she flipped it aside, her downward gaze pulling my eyes down to watch, too. The plain black cotton panties underneath matched the skirt, seemed to blend in with it... slowly she slid her hand between her thighs and rubbed herself, gently.

"Mmmm... wouldn't you like to be there, Mark? Wouldn't you like to kiss me there, now? Come a little closer..." She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my head in towards her. I could just start to smell the scent of her sweat, between her thighs. "No, wait, I know!"

Though her skirt didn't seem to need it, she had a slim black leather belt threaded through loops around her waist. She unbuckled this and slid it out, then looped it around my neck like a noose, tightening it enough that I could feel it and it stayed in place, but not enough to restrict my breathing.

"Now you have a collar, and a leash. So I can guide you, like THIS--" and tugging on the belt, she pulled me suddenly into her, my face between her thighs, my nose bumping directly into her pussy. I breathed in sharply, startled and *excited*, and I could feel the soft matt of hair though her underwear. The smell of her was indescribably good. I thought how good it would be to rip away her underwear with my teeth, but I didn't feel able to do... anything, unless she commanded me.

"MMmm... ooh, I like your nose there. *Right there oh yeah*" she said, punctuating her last words with tugs on my leash, bumping my nose against her pussy. "Heh, heh! Oh, why don't I just take these off?" and she pulled me away a bit, then reached down with her other hand and slid her underwear down. She had to put a foot on the floor to slide them past her butt... and I was riveted at the sight of her bare flesh, the mass of black curly hair and the lips of her pussy underneath. She put both feet on the floor and slid her panties all the way down and stepped out of them, while I stared, ravenous. Then she hopped back up on the desk, spread her legs out, and slowly slid the fingers of one hand down through her pubic hair to spread her lips open.

"Yeahhh.... mmmmmm. You want to be there, don't you?"

It was all I could think about.

"Answer me, Mark."

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Yesss, you do. Come a little closer..." her hips were moving slowly as her hand rubbed in a tight, deliberate circle around her clit. She tugged my leash until my nose was right in front of her rubbing fingers. "Yes, there... and *breathe* in the scent of me, Mark. It's inside you now, that smell. It marks you. Good boy." Caressing the length of her pussy one last time, she took her fingers away and rubbed them hard on my nose, wiping her juices off on my face.

"It marks you as mine. You are mine now, Mark."

I shivered. I *wanted* to be hers. So badly.

"Now lick. Slowly..." twining her fingers in my hair again, she pulled my head against her until my lips just touched hers. I reached out with my tongue, until I could taste her. It tasted heavenly.

"OH! Now up... YES now at the bottom again... Oh yeah, OHhh!" with both hands on my head now, she pulled me hard into her, mashing my face against her pussy, rubbing my tongue up along the length of her as if I were just a wet tongue with handles, a dildo she was pleasuring herself with. I was just a prop for her, a toy to serve her whims. A part of me shivered, realizing how much I *liked* that...

"Now your finger... put a finger inside me... OH! here..." she released one hand to flail around blindly until she found my hand, grabbed my fingers so that one was pointing out, and pulled it to where she wanted it. "wait, lick your finger, Mark. Get it all wet, and give it back to me... here... yes, right there, now slowly... slide it inside me, YESSS..."

I felt almost as if her words were going straight to my limbs without passing through my brain; controlling me directly. My mind was so filled with the scent and the taste of her, and the way each moan seemed to rip into me...

"Yes, lick, just like that, and pump, with your finger, in and out, yes harder, OH! yes just like that keep that up YES OH yes further in, YESS, OHHH..."

She was bucking her hips on the desk as my finger pumped into her and she ground my nose into her pubic hair.


She froze, and shuddered. Hard. And again. And slowly started to relax.

I waited, immobile, loving the sensation of being surrounded by her pussy and her thighs, everything permeated by the scent of her pussy, as I felt her body slowly start to relax above me. My finger inside of her was still clenched by the gradually slowing twitches of her orgasm-- any slight movement would trigger another *clench*-- and it seemed like the sexiest thought in the world to realize the pleasure I had brought her. My Mistress. I was *hers* now.

"Mmmm... thank you, Mark. You are *such* a good boy. And now, " she said, looking down and capturing me with her so-compelling eyes... I was drifting away... "it is time for you to sleep..."