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What is hypnosis?

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Every website dealing with erotic hypnosis has a page up somewhere talking about what hypnosis is and isn't.  And if you came excitedly to hypnosis from, say, saturday morning cartoons where the dastardly villain uses hypnosis to control the helpless ingenue-- or perhaps vampire movies, or the like-- you'll probably be disappointed to read on all those sites that hypnosis isn't really mind-control.

And, indeed, it isn't.

Hypnosis is a way of helping or guiding a person to enter a state of heightened suggestibility and/or trance.  And if you came from a meditation or pagan context you'll have learned of trance as something you do, rather than something that someone else does to you-- a hypnotist can point you to good ways of approaching it, and offer encouragement when you're going in the right direction, but ultimately trance is an internal process within yourself.  It's a natural process, which you've made frequent use of perhaps without knowing it-- but, just like falling asleep is a natural process you've made use of many times in your life, not everybody knows how to do it deliberately and consciously.  So, a hypnotist can help guide you.

So where does the mind control come in?  Well, it doesn't have to.  There are plenty of erotic and even kinky uses of hypnosis that have nothing to do with dominance and submission.  Hypnosis can help you shift the way you experience something, and if the shift you're looking for is to experience a certain kind of pleasure more deeply and easily, well, that's just fun for everyone.  Hypnosis can be great for relaxing inhibitions, intensifying sensations, and enhancing intimacy.

But, if you do like the idea of being dominated and controlled-- if you'd enjoy experiencing your reactions to certain commands as helpless and automatic-- hypnosis can help you learn to experience that too.  Secretly, the dastardly villain was able to use hypnosis to control the helpless ingenue because some part of her thought that idea was really *hot*...


Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August 2013 20:10