Gently Bitten

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Femdom Gangbang (mc, hyp, Fd, mmmf)

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"Hello, gentlemen," Ava breathed into the microphone, "and welcome to my gang bang."

A slightly nervous chuckle ran around the room.  Ava grinned at the men, acknowledging the strangeness of the situation.

"Seriously, thank all of you so much for coming. Especially in the kink community, everyone likes to talk a big game about all the crazy stuff they're doing and all the lewd hijinks they're open to, but when you just want a dozen guys to come fuck you till you scream over and over, it's really surprisingly hard to arrange!"  The men grinned back a little less nervously now, and Ava met several eyes in turn, nodding to them, silently connecting with them, making this feel more real. "So seriously, I really appreciate each and every one of you being willing to help me fulfil my hot secret fantasy here."

Ava nodded to them and the group started quietly nodding back, and visibly relaxing a bit.  Good.

She looked from one to the next, until she could feel the mood of the whole room had settled down to the point where she wanted it, then continued.  "Now, I'm hoping you all had the chance to listen to the recording that I sent you, at least once?"  This was a tricky part, because the odds were good that at least *someone* hadn't made the time to listen.  But as she looked around the room, everyone seemed to be nodding.  "Really, all of you?  You're such good boys!"

Every man in the room caught his breath at that, and Ava smiled in delighted triumph.  They *had* all listened.  "Good boy" was a posthypnotic trigger she'd implanted in the hypnotic recording she'd sent them all, and every single one of them was responding to it.  This project was off to a good start, and looked likely to go very, very well.

She paused to take in the curve of a bicep here, a thigh outlined in close-fitting pants there.  They also all seemed to have followed her suggestion to wear tight clothing.  Not that it would be particularly good for the logistics of getting ready to fuck her; she just liked the aesthetic on her men.  Yes, this was likely to go *very* well.

Feeling the situation firmly in her grasp now, Ava got ready to start them moving towards the main part of her plan. "Well then.  Since you *are* all such *very* good boys," another intake of breath went around the room at that "I know you'll have listened very closely and carefully when you did listen, and some of you may have played that recording over several times."  She saw some nods at that.  "And I know for some of you, the whole thing may have sounded just a little bit cult-y."  Ava smiled wryly, meeting as many guys' gazes as she could, reassuring them.  "That's all right." She nodded, and was gratified by the automatic echoing nods that drew from the guys. "This isn't about that, but it's easy to see why you might think it was. But you're just here to pleasure me, to satisfy my important cunt needs. Are you ready for that?"

They were so very clearly ready.

"Good boys.  Now, here's how it's going to work. I have another recording for you all to listen to to get ready for me. It's going to make your cocks nice and hard for me, and all you'll be able to think about is being inside my cunt, just like the good boy that you are.  You're going to put these wireless earbuds in-- I have some for each of you-- and you're going to listen and think about fucking me and take your clothes off and get ready, and I'm going to choose you one at a time to service me.  At first I'll come get you but if you're all doing a very good job pleasuring me and making me weak in the knees I might wind up just pointing, you're going to watch and be ready to come to me when I point to you.  You'll take out your earbuds and put on a condom and put your cock right *here*." She pointed between her legs, and every man in the room followed her gesture, rapt.

She had them.

"Afterwards you'll go over there--" she pointed "and put in earbuds from that bowl, and you can keep watching.  You're going to really enjoy that.  Now, is everybody ready?"

Everybody was very, very ready.  Even without listening to her fluffer recording-- Ava liked thinking of the getting-ready recording that way, even though the important part, as far as she was concerned, were the other suggestions, not so much the ones to get her partners hard-- every man in the room was showing a thick bulge in his pants.  Perfect.

One by one, the men started to take earbuds from the bowl, put them in and turn them on, and start listening to her hypnotic voice.  And undressing for her.

Ava moved over to the bed she'd set up in the middle of the room, and opened her robe.  She was wearing a soft silk robe over comfortable lingerie, as another way to set the mood for both herself and the boys, although she figured she might strip completely naked by the time things finished up.  But right now, the boys were preparing for her; it was time to prepare herself for them.

Still with the robe on, but open, she lay back on the bed and just took in the site of her harem.  These were her boys now.  All for her.

They were roughly lined up on one side of the room, facing her, but by this point all of them had closed their eyes in response to her initial suggestions in the recording.  Later they would open them again, but for now she got to enjoy the sight of a room full of men all under her power, listening to her voice and falling into trance for her, without having to worry about what they might see on her face, in her expression.

She was free to enjoy that, and to gloat a bit.

They were all standing naked, and looking a bit vulnerable.  The suggestions in the fluffer recording would help with that too, soon-- help them forget about being naked and what they might look like, forget about any insecurities they might have about their bodies, forget about other people being there.  And just focus on her.  And how very, very eager they were to service her.

She had a lot of subtle things to say about servicing her.

It was true that she didn't want them to think about this experience as being in a cult.  She just wanted them to *act* like it was, without thinking about it.  Bringing up the word "cult" in the negative was a way to bring those associations to the forefront of their minds while convincing them not to think too hard about the idea consciously.

The recordings she'd made for this event had a number of other ways.

These were her boys now, marked as hers forever.  And after tonight, their bodies, their unconscious minds, would always remember that.

She needed something between her legs to go with that thought.  Ava shucked her panties and picked up the bottle of lube by the bedside table.  She wasn't sure how much she would go through tonight, but she'd gotten plenty ready.  Some of it went onto her fingers now, and she thoroughly moistened the folds of her cunt and slipped two fingers inside herself as she watched her boys fall deeper into trance.

This was where every boy's attention would go when he opened his eyes.  Where he wanted to be.  Where he belonged.

Where his mind and will would be caught forever.

In a moment, their eyes would start to open, and the fluffer recording would just loop over and over after that talking about how perfect her cunt was, the only important thing in the world.  At that point, they might not even consciously notice taking their cocks out, stroking them to stay firm and hard, ready for her pleasure.


Ava watched as their eyes started to open.  She focused on the first boy to open his eyes, and observed how he immediately fixated on her cunt, her body, her nakedness.  With every stroke of her fingers inside herself, his body shivered.  His mind was already entangled in her cunt, inextricably caught inside her.

She rose from the bed, walked to him, took hold of his stiff cock, and led him by it like a leash, back to the side of the bed.  She handed him a condom to put on from the bowl on the bedside table, and he fumbled with it dazedly.  Eventually he had it ready-- she just watched, enjoying his helplessness-- and she lay down on her back, spreading her legs and inviting him to enter her.

The shiver that ran through his body when his cock was finally inside her made it seem like his world was ending.  Secretly, Ava thought, it was.
After her, nothing would be the same.

She took her time with this first one.

If her suggestions held-- and it was quite clear at this point that they would-- he would not be able to come until she allowed it.  She had a room full of men to satisfy her, but she wanted each and every one of them to know and feel very personally and directly that he was there for *her* pleasure. So she made sure to take her time.  He started off eager, but she caught his eyes and slowed his motion, making him match her rhythm.

Ava had had a horseback riding instructor once who told her that how you held your body, how you balanced, whether you opened or closed your hips, would make moving forward with you on his back easier or more awkward for the horse, and you could use that to signal your intent, so that the horse learned to pay attention to whether his motion was in tune with you, entirely apart from anything you did with the reins.  She liked to think about applying this to humans she was mounting too.

She rode his cock to a quick but very satisfying orgasm that nevertheless left her, after a pause, still wanting a bit more.  Then, curious to see how the timing would work out, she built up almost to a second one, then reached out and rang the bell beside the bed that triggered his ability to come.  He gasped and sped up and jerked suddenly inside her, all at once, while the breathing of the boys waiting all grew ragged.


Ava pulled back a bit, slipping his cock out of her, and nodded towards the other side of the room.  Dazedly, he staggered in that direction, pulling off the condom and discarding it in the wastebasket there.  Good boy.  She watched as he started to put the other earbuds in, then turned her attention to the waiting line of fresh studs.

That one.

She pointed at a boy, pointed at her cunt, and he obligingly came to her, eyes unfocused and vulnerable.  Perfect.

This one was a little more eager with his hips, but she bent him to her rhythm.  He fucked her deliciously.

And the first one, she saw, watched everything with his hand on his slippery hard cock.  If her command to him to come inside her had been a little sudden, maybe a little unsatisfying, he was clearly able to anticipate her timing better now, and he spurted nicely along with the boy inside her when she rang the bell.  While the waiting boys gasped in unison.

One of the tricks to brainwashing, Ava thought, was breaking down the ego.  Convincing the subject to lose his identity in the group.

She pointed, and the next eager stud came up ready to service her.

She took a little more clothing off first; it was getting warm.  And spent a moment liberally lubing up his sheathed cock before deciding it was ready for her.  The two used boys were already slipping deeply into sync with each other, watching her and stroking themselves and unconsciously pressing their naked bodies into each other.  In their minds, reinforced by her suggestions, they smelled like her, felt like her, were *part* of her in a way that made them each instinctively want to touch and cuddle the other, get close.  Lose their individuality.

The waiting boys, deep in their own trances, eyes only on her cunt, never noticed.

She finished off boy number three and pointed to the next.  Come to me. Lose yourself inside me. Accept my dominion.


With every ring of the bell, a stronger orgasm spurted from the cock currently inside her, a louder gasp from the throats of the boys still waiting, and the used boys fell more perfectly into sync.  They were openly stroking each other now, a mass of limbs and torsos and cocks and empty eyes locked on her body, empty ears filling with her words, her will.

Born into slavery inside her body, coming their will away into her one by one.

She didn't think any of them would remember the recording they listened to after she was done fucking each of them.  She didn't plan to tell them what was in it.

She definitely planned to watch how their subconscious minds integrated it over the next few days, weeks, months.

Ava pointed to the next boy.

Mine.  All mine.